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For many CEOs and senior executives groomed in sales, marketing or technical disciplines, the tools of finance are new, and they need to learn how to use them without making a fatal – or even embarrassing – mistake along the way. For some, it’s hard to judge the potential cost of a mistake, and that realization can result in stress, delays, and sometimes a near paralysis in decision making.

Questions to ask yourself

Your company’s financial information is the ultimate metric of success.

If you’re not comfortable understanding the nuances of those metrics, what are the chances that you’re missing opportunities to improve them?

How will you stay a step ahead of other senior managers?

Who can you talk to when a board member asks a complex question that you feel you should have the answer to, but don’t?

Do you really want to show your staff how vulnerable you can be in this critical area?

With the finance coaching program, we will tailor our services to each individual’s needs.  Whether you are just starting out, a seasoned investor, or a small business; our services can be used to fill any gaps within your current financial structure.

Finance coaching goals and deliverables

  • Understand the basic principles of finance and their relevance to you
  • Make better decisions
  • Be more confident in dealing with your finance colleagues
  • Understand the financial position of your business
  • Increase your personal effectiveness and develop your career
  • Understand financial reports and key financial ratios
  • Progress beyond being a specialist in marketing, HR, general management or any other field and become a fully rounded executive
  • All coaching is totally private, so your boss and colleagues don’t need to know.

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    Husam Jandal
    Thanks to Rajeev and the team at Xcel for their dedication and honesty in getting us to our destination. They are real a "Success GPS"!”